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CS Major Requirements

Computer Science Major and Minor Requirements

Computer Science Major Courses Year Normally Taken BA BS CSNE1

CS Minor

Term Alt2
CSC1024 Computer Science I Freshman R R R R Fall  
CSC1053G Elementary Discrete Math Freshman R R R R Sp  
CSC2024 Computer Science II Freshman R R R R Sp  
CSC2011 Computer Networking Fundamentals 1 Sophomore/Junior E E R   Fall  
CSC2021 Server Administration Fundamentals Sophomore/Junior E E R   Sp  
CSC2031 Information Technology Security Fundamentals Sophomore/Junior E E R   Sp  
CSC2041 Computer Networking Fundamentals 2 Sophomore/Junior E E R   Fall  
CSC2033 Data Structures & Algorithms Sophomore R R S R Fall  
CSC3004 Software Development Sophomore/Junior R R   S Sp  
CSC3003 Multimedia Programming (web programming) Sophomore/Junior/Senior S E S S Sp Odd
CSC3013 Computer Networks and Telecommunications Sophomore/Junior/Senior R R R S Fall Even
CSC3032 Database Management Systems Junior/Senior R R R S Fall Odd
CSC3031 Database Management Systems Lab Junior/Senior R R R   Fall Odd
CSC3024 Software & Systems Engineering Junior/Senior R R R   Sp Even
CSC3044 Operating Systems Junior/Senior S R     Sp Odd
CSC3054 Computer Organization & Architecture Junior/Senior R R R   Fall Even
CSC3083 Technology & Society Junior/Senior R R R S Sp Odd
CSC4003 Computer and Information Security Junior/Senior S E R   Sp Even
CSC4023 Survey and Organization of Programming Languages Junior/Senior S R     Sp Even
CSC4081 Computer Application Practicum I Senior R R     Fall  
CSC4082 Computer Application Practicum II Senior R R     Sp  
CSC4093 Computer Networking Junior/Senior S R R   Fall Odd
CSC5029 Internship Senior E E E      
CSC4062 Practicum in Networking Senior     R   Fall  
CSC4072 Practicum in Server Administration Senior     R   Sp  
Math Cognates              
MAT2063G Introduction to Statistics Sophomore/Junior/Senior R R R      
MAT1023G Precalculus Math Freshman/Sophomore R *        
MAT1034G Calculus I Freshman/Sophomore   R        
MAT2034 Calculus II Freshman/Sophomore   R        
MAT3013 Linear Algebra Sophomore/Junior   R        
MAT3023 Advanced Discrete Mathematics Junior/Senior E R     Fall Even
Minor in another disipline   R   R      

R - Required for Major

S - Select from choices. BA must select at least 6 Hours, CSNE must select one course.

E - Possible Elective in the major

* - Precalculus Math competency  is required as a prerequisite Calculus I.  


1 Computer Systems and Network Engineering major

2 For alternate year classes, this indicates if it is taught in an even or odd calendar year.