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Belize Computer Literacy Laptop Order and Tracking System

Belize Laptop Initiative

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  1. Belize Computer Initiative Associates will recieve 5% (TBD) of each system cost for their services of colecting money, dilivering computers, and providing tier 1 support for computers sold.
  2. Tier 1 support involves examinaing the computer, and providing an initial diagnoses of the problem. All such interactions will be logged in the itmes history in the database system. Tier 1 can also include simple operations like reimaging disks, upgrading memory, performing and logging builting diagnostics, and swapping a system for a different system. It also includes recommending a system, for tier 2 support. All interactions bust be logged, or updated, in the database system.
  3. Tier 2 support will be provides by trained individuals as designated by the Belize Computer Initiative organization. These people will have access to the database for reviewing and updating system history.

Entity-Relationship Diagram


Tables (Click for SQL):


Preorder System

Online system, open to the public. People can log in and complete preorder. Users must create a login account first, varified by email address brfore preorder can be completed. (Username, password address info, school affiliation)

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  • Order Use Case:
  • ER Diagram:
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