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TWiki's BelizeLiteracyProject web http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject The BelizeLiteracyProject web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. en-us Copyright 2019 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [skon@mvnu.edu] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Powered by TWiki.BelizeLiteracyProject http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/T-logo-140x40-t.gif WebHome http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/WebHome ProjectOverview EdubuntuAndLibreOfficePresentations ITTrainingBelize Notes on the March 2011 training trip by Doug and Jim to Belize ComputerSetupInformation ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2015-10-23T19:14:04Z JimSkon EdubuntuAndLibreOfficePresentations http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/EdubuntuAndLibreOfficePresentations Edubuntu And Libreoffice Presentations LibreOffice Impress 2014.odp: Libreoffice Impress IntoEdubuntuEnglish2014.pptx: Introduction to Edubuntu IntroToLibreOfficeWriteCalc2014 ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2014-03-13T18:12:29Z JimSkon JanBelize2014SEtup http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/JanBelize2014SEtup Laptop Setup Plan Jan 2014 1. Josh A. will setup and maintain Spreadsheet: Service Code Model: E6400, E6410 Ram Amount: 2, 4, ... OS: Linux, Win7 ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2014-01-15T02:15:07Z JimSkon OfflineWikipediaSetup http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/OfflineWikipediaSetup Offline Wikipedia Setup Manual:Importing XML dumps Ars Technica: http://arstechnica.com/information technology/2013/11/all of wikipedia can be installed to your desktop ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2013-11-27T03:08:39Z JimSkon EmailOct10 http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/EmailOct10 Email Oct 10, 2013 On 10/10/2013 09:25 AM, Jim Lahm wrote: Jim Doug: I've started looking at the laptop pre order system and, as usual, had a few starter questions ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2013-10-11T14:18:19Z JimSkon EmailOct11 http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/EmailOct11 Email Oct 10,2013 Hi, In general I agree with Doug's answers. The idea for payment is that someone will create an user profile online, then make an order. In Belize ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2013-10-11T14:17:39Z JimSkon LaptopPreorderSystem http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/LaptopPreorderSystem Belize Computer Literacy Laptop Order and Tracking System Belize Laptop Initiative Goal Allow preorder and down payment, manage order status, allow final payment ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2013-10-11T14:17:04Z JimSkon AdministratorTable http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/AdministratorTable Administrator Table CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mydb`.`Administrator` ( `AdminID` INT NOT NULL, `Password` VARCHAR(45) NULL, `First` VARCHAR(45) NOT NULL, ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2013-10-10T21:09:11Z JimSkon DeviceActivityTable http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/DeviceActivityTable Device Activity Table CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mydb`.`DeviceActivity` ( `SystemID` VARCHAR(45) NOT NULL, `DateOfActivity` DATE NOT NULL, `AdminID` VARCHAR ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2013-10-10T21:08:43Z JimSkon DeviceTable http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/DeviceTable Device Table CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mydb`.`Device` ( `idUser` INT NULL COMMENT 'CurrentOwner', `SystemID` VARCHAR(45) NOT NULL, `DateAquired` DATE NULL ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2013-10-10T21:06:51Z JimSkon ProductTable http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/ProductTable Product Table CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mydb`.`Product` ( `idProducts` INT NOT NULL, `Name` VARCHAR(45) NULL, `Description` TEXT NULL, `FeatureSet` VARCHAR ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2013-10-10T21:06:26Z JimSkon OrderTable http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/OrderTable Order Table CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mydb`.`Order` ( `idOrder` INT NOT NULL, `idUser` INT NOT NULL COMMENT 'Foreign Key', `idProducts` INT NOT NULL COMMENT ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2013-10-10T21:05:56Z JimSkon UserTable http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/UserTable User Table CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mydb`.`User` ( `idUser` INT NULL, `First` VARCHAR(45) NULL, `Middle` VARCHAR(45) NULL, `Last` VARCHAR(45) NULL, `Street1 ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2013-10-10T20:59:36Z JimSkon HowToFixDellWireless http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/HowToFixDellWireless How To Fix Dell Wireless 1 Open a terminal interface (click on ubuntu symbol and type terminal) 1 First try the following commands : (The first "sudo" will require ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2012-09-14T14:35:15Z JimSkon ITTrainingBelize http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/ITTrainingBelize IT Training Belize JimSkon 2012 02 25 (last changed by JimSkon) 2012-02-25T16:50:13Z JimSkon BelizeIPAddresses http://cs.mvnu.edu/twiki/bin/view/BelizeLiteracyProject/BelizeIPAddresses Belize IP Addresses COUNTRY Belize ISO BZ ISO3 BLZ Belmopan NAME Belmopan ASCIINAME Belmopan LATITUDE 17 ... (last changed by JimSkon) 2011-12-28T17:46:03Z JimSkon
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