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SCMP 118 - Introduction to Programming

Instructor: James Skon

Fall 2015


Link: tinyurl.com/CppKenyon

  This course presents an introduction to computer programming intended both for those who plan to take further courses in which a strong background in computation is desirable and for those who are interested in learning basic programming principles. The course will expose the student to a variety of applications where an algorithmic approach is natural and will include both numerical and non-numerical computation. The principles of program structure and style will be emphasized. Offered every semester.

Instructor Information

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Nov 24-26 No Class, Thanksgiving Break            
Dec 1 Chapter 11.2, 11.3 - Arrays and Classes, Dynamic Arrays   Code   ch_11.ppt    
Dec 3

Chapter 12.1 Separate Compilation
Special Speaker - Doug Karl, creator of the Apple Airport*

  Code Link DougKarl.ppt, ch_12.ppt    
Dec 8 Chapter 14.1, 14.2 - Recursion, The Binary Search Algorithm     *      
Dec 8 Chapter 14.1, 14.2 - Recursion, The Binary Search Algorithm

Binary Seach, Merge Sort

Code Link ch14.ppt    
Dec 10 Towers of Hanoi -Example,     *   Recursion  
Dec 16 No Final Exam , Final Project only           Final Project
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kenyonlogo.png *
  • : ch14.ppt
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