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SCMP 118 - Introduction to Programming

Instructor: James Skon

Fall 2015

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Dec 16 No Final Exam , Final Project only           Final Project

Assignments are due by midnight of the day due.


Academic Honesty

Any work you submit for credit in this course must result directly from your own understanding. Moreover, written work must be a creation of your own hand. Presenting the work of others as your own is strictly prohibited. At Kenyon we expect all students, at all times, to submit work that represents standards of academic integrity. It is the responsibility of each student to learn and practice the proper ways of documenting and acknowledging those whose ideas and words you have drawn upon (see Academic Honesty and Questions of Plagiarism in the Course Catalog). Ignorance and carelessness are not excuses for academic dishonesty. If you are uncertain about the expectations for academic honesty in this class, please ask for clarification.


If you have any disability and therefore may have need for some type of accommodation in order to participate fully in this class, please feel free to discuss your concerns in private with Erin Salva, Coordinator of Disability Services (phone 5145).



CodeLab is a tool that develops coding skills and understanding through coding exercises. The best way to learn to program is to program! Just like the best way to learn to play a sport is to play that sport.

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