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META TOPICPARENT name="UnifiedNetworkServerApplianceForBelizeSchools"

1. Introduction

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  • Tyler's Lab simulator
  • Andrew's Pi calcualtion Temperature tester

3. Features To Be Tested / Test Approach

Computers can connect to internet and all service through the Valet M10
  • Set up an environment to ensure connectivity
  • Use a router to simulate the Belizean setup
  • Use another computer to make sure:
    • The computer gets a correct IP
    • The computer is going through PfSense
    • The computer can hit internal services on the server
Dell E6400 Must be able to run under full load without overheating
  • Use Andrew's testing Pi Program to test temperature
    • Testing with both top closed and open
Dell E6400 Must be able to handle a full lab of computers (~20) load without noticeable slowdown
  • System load capabilities
    • Use Tyler's old network load usage tool on the server to simulate 20-30 users
    • Make sure all internal and external connections are live
Backups must be available for all Data and Virtual machines along with the ability to swap out VMs
  • Make sure that a VM can be swapped without data loss.
  • Test by backing up an existing VM and replacing it with a virgin VM
  • Re-add the data to the new VM.
Documentation in PDF format with Screen Shots and text must be complete and understandable with the equivalent of 10th grade education
  • High School students run through documentation give feed back
  • Test viewing documentation on a fresh Ubuntu install
System must be able to recover from any single point of software or hardware failure
  • Remove pieces of hardware follow replacement plan
    • Test amount of time required to recover

  • Test network connectivity
    • Set up an enviroment to ensure connectivity
    • Use a router to simulate the Beliezian setup
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