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Lab 5 - Introduction to penetration testing using Kali Linux


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  1. Now try USCAN as above. Do some research, and explain the meaning and value of what you find.
  2. Finally try the same with FUZZ. What is FUZZ testing? What weaknesses did you find on the servers?

Step 4 - Vulnerability Assessment - Choose your own

In Chapter 3 of the Kali Text, there are write-ups on the following Vulnerability Assessment Tools:
  1. Skipfish
  2. ProxyStrike
  3. Vega
  4. Owasp-Zap
  5. Websploit

Select two of the tools. Work through the steps for using the tool, and try it out on the Windows 2008 server, Metasploitable, cs.mvnu.edu, shc.edu.bz servers. Write up your work in each, and include screens shots to demonstrate the operation.

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