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Research Questions

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  1. Do you own a cell phone or a smart phone?
  2. If cell phone, do you find your phone's functions sufficient, or do you think you need a smart phone?
  3. If smart phone, what was the primary reason you chose a smart phone over a regular cell phone?
Erika A Powell
  1. Do you use texting/How frequently do you use texting?
  2. When do you use texting?
  3. What benefits/disadvantages are there to texting?
  4. Has texting/cell phone usage impacted the way in which you communicate with others?
  5. Do you believe texting/cell phone usage has impacted our generation positively or negatively in terms of their communication skills (including written and oral communication)?

Internet Questions

Leah Ralston
  1. What kind of search engine do you use?
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