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Research Questions

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  1. Where?
  2. Do you have to pay? What are the rates?
  3. What purpose do you use it for? (work or personal)
Ashton L Guggisberg
  1. Do you wish you had more/less access to different types of technology? Why or why not?
  2. Do you feel that technology plays a large role in your lifestyle?
  3. Does technology impact the way you successfully communicate with other people? In what ways?

Comsumer Electronics Questions

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  1. What types of technology do you regularly use?
  2. How many hours a week do use them?
  3. How do you feel these devices benefit you?

Medical Questions

Hilary Ruff
  1. Do you have back and/or neck problems?
  2. If so, what do you do about them?
  3. Do you have health care insurance?
  4. If so, what all does it cover?
Kyle M Maxam
  1. Do you have any problems with your vision?
  2. If so, do you have access to some form of eye care?
  3. In your opinion, are there effective and feasible means by which citizens of your country can access quality eye care?
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