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GIT Homework

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 Git is typically used for a group to synchronize their activities. to do this there is a common repository server that everyone pushes to and pulls from, and sometimes merges with. We will be using GitHub as our repository. GitHub is an online repository that alows groups of people to work on a project together, allowing them to work on and synchronize their work. It also keeps a complete history of ALL versions of every file in the project. In this class all groups are required to create an use a repositoryfor group projects. You will sent your project name to the instructor so the project can be monitored.

You will manage the code state with "push", "pull", "clone", and "fetch" operation.

You will work with your team to create a GIT repository on the server using project 2. Then set it up at GitHub. Finally your other teammates and you will experiment with using this GitHub repositroy from several accounts.


  1. All of the team members wil create GitHub accounts.
  2. One of the team members will create a project (public) called nameserver. The other members will be invited to the project.
  3. The of the team members will turn their Project 2 into a Git project. Instructions Here. Example Here .
  4. make their project 2 folder to be a


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