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Software Development

Project 3

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  Another program, that uses the same indexing code as the previous, add an web interface, and uses pipes to communicate to a server to which will look up the position in the Bible given the reference. This project can be found, and run here:


This project has the following learning goals:

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  • Background Processes: Once your server program is complete, you can run it in the background, even when not logged in, by appending "&" to end of the run command. Please make sure you only run one instance of you server at a time, or they will compete with each other, and cause problems. In class I will demonstrate how to kill these background processes once started.
  • Log files: One good way to see what is going on in a web program is to write debugging information to log files. Such code exists in sslookupclient.cpp. An overview is here: Log Files


  • 50% - How well the program works with respect to the given specifications. (NO credit will be given for a program that doesn't run.)
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