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Solar Power Project

A project to explore grid tie power to power schools in developing countries

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Grid Tie Solar Power

The majority of the schools we work with have electricity, and these typically schools are only in session during the day. A common solution is the store electricity in batteries, and then run of the batteries when it is night, or the sun is otherwise not shining. However, batteries are expensive, have a short life (2-5 years), and typically contain toxic materials which create problems at the end of life. The solution we adopted was to use a "Grid Tie" solution. This design converts solar enrgy directly to 120v AC, and adds it to the circuits being supplied from the grid. The system is designed to first use the energy created by the solar panels, and then suppliment this with power from the grid as needed. Thus such a solution will lower the power usage, but still allow the use of electricity when there is no solar energy available.


Typical Solar Panal Information Specs

Maximum power Pmax 250 Wp
Open circuit voltage Voc 37.6 V
Maximum power point voltage Vmpp 30.5 V
Short circuit current Isc 8.81 A
Maximum power point current Impp 8.27 A
Module efficiency m 14.91 %


Cells per module 60
Cell type Poly crystalline
Cell dimensions 6.14 in x 6.14 in (156 mm x 156 mm)
Front Tempered glass (EN 12150)
Frame Clear anodized aluminum
Unit dimensions 39.4" x 56.59" x 1.3"
Weight 39.7 lbs (18.0 kg)

Solar Project Live Monitor

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