Email Oct 10, 2013

On 10/10/2013 09:25 AM, Jim Lahm wrote: Jim & Doug: I've started looking at the laptop pre-order system and, as usual, had a few starter questions: My original thought would be to build it on an existing platform rather than creating the entire thing from scratch. That said, I would probably use WordPress and was looking at the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin. It supports a general purchasing system which I hope would handle the ordering of computers. There is even a pre-order plug-in that supports pre-orders. It looks promising (although you have to purchase it for $129). Jim, I agree to build it on Wordpress.. I will pay the $129. is the package I already purchased... If applicable...

How would payments be made? Are you expecting the folks in Belize to: Make a cash payment to the Belize coordinator, who would then mark the order as "pre-paid"? Yes. Make a payment using a credit card? Are these widely used in Belize? Many (most?) credit card payment systems require that the card be from a US bank. This would be a major problem with this approach. I have never met someone in Belize who has a credit card. Mail a payment to the US coordinator who would then mark it as "pre-paid"? No. How are you going to handle Belize-to-US currency exchange? Will that be outside the scope of the code? Yes. Will there ever be sales to other places - like Guatemala? Not planned now.. That is most likely much in the future, if at all. Should the site be in English only, or should it support Spanish? Hm... English.. However, if EASY!!! to add Spanish support that would be good to consider. I think that's enough for now... smile Jim

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