Belize Computer Literacy Laptop Order and Tracking System

Belize Laptop Initiative


Allow preorder and down payment, manage order status, allow final payment (or tracking), Track system service codes and service


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System Flow


Order Use Case

Order Use Case

Rules and Constraints

  1. All purchases must be related to education ,adn associated with a school or MOE organization
  2. School purchase's require signed authorization from District Manager.
  3. Individual Purchase requires signed authorization from associated school principal. Limit of 1 compute every 12 months er person.
  4. A 50% payment must be made before the computer procurement process begins (e.g. before computer is ordered from supplier)
  5. 100% of payment is due at system delivery.
  6. Exceptions to 4&5 must be approved by a manager in the Belize Laptop Initiative.
  7. School purchases will be elgible for GST tax deferment based on elgiability. They must submit a letter requesting the deferment, including a list of systems ordered, and an explaination of use, for the MOE.
  8. Designated Belize Computer Initiative Associates in Belize will be assigned the task of collecting fees, authoriazation forms, maintaining computer records, and providing tier 1 support for users. They will also distribute or deliver systems. Tehy will recieve compensation for deliveries as specifid below.
  9. Belize Computer Initiative Associates will recieve 5% (TBD) of each system cost for their services of colecting money, dilivering computers, and providing tier 1 support for computers sold.
  10. Tier 1 support involves examinaing the computer, and providing an initial diagnoses of the problem. All such interactions will be logged in the itmes history in the database system. Tier 1 can also include simple operations like reimaging disks, upgrading memory, performing and logging builting diagnostics, and swapping a system for a different system. It also includes recommending a system, for tier 2 support. All interactions bust be logged, or updated, in the database system.
  11. Tier 2 support will be provides by trained individuals as designated by the Belize Computer Initiative organization. These people will have access to the database for reviewing and updating system history.

Entity-Relationship Diagram


Tables (Click for SQL):

Preorder System

Online system, open to the public. People can log in and complete preorder. Users must create a login account first, varified by email address brfore preorder can be completed. (Username, password address info, school affiliation)


First, Middle, Last Name Street 1, Street 2 City, District, school affiliation.

School Administrator
School IT Personal

school lab
school admin
school server
teaching station
teacher (school owed)
teacher (personal)
Student (personal)

System List

Name Desciption Feature set Cost
Base For Elemenary schools E6400, 2GB, 80GB, Edubuntu $200
Deluxe For High Schools E6410. 2GB, 160GB, , Edubuntu $270
Server For School Administrative Daatabase ...Opensys $...

  • Shipping/handling/environmental $30
  • Quantity
  • Prices/features should be stored in tables for flexibility
  • Delivery (<10) $.50/mile GST (non school) 12.5%
  • Base Configuration 2gb ram, 80gb HD, Edubuntu
  • Prices are estimates, based on current prices. You will be notified exact price at order time, with option to withdraw
  • Due before procurement time: 50%, Balance (100%) due at Delivery. No computer will be released until paid in full
  • Laptops warranted for 30 days if not abused, OS not changed, and not worked on by anyone else.
  • Preorders not active unless 50% of estimated cost is paid, Balance due on delivery.
  • Display printable order.
  • May loging to change, and get status

Order tracking

This subsystem is used by the project administrator in Belize, and/or managers in the US

  • Display Current Orders, Delete and modify orders. Enter final cost (preorder cost is estimate)
  • Enter Amount Paid, with dates. Payments may be one, or many (most are down payment and final payment)
  • List system elgible for procurement (50% paid, over-ridable by admin)
  • Track if procurement order has been made for a particular preorder, date of order, and arrival data.

Sales Tracking

This subsystem is used by the project administrator in Belize, and/or managers in the US

Used to track systems sold, map systems to service codes, manage service dates and service costs

When delivered track store:

  • Date of delivery for this system
  • Associated preorder/order
  • Enter service done, time, and cost
  • System Service Dates/Solutions
  • Order History (SN, Date, Note)

Procurement Tracking

Keep track of each system ordered for procurement, it's price SN, histry

  • Date or Procurement order
  • Amount
  • SN (assigned whne recieved)
  • Order assigned to
  • Device History (Date Note)
  • System Flow:

  • Order Use Case:

  • ER Diagram:
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