Notes Belize March2011

Belize March 2011

Trip Notes


Dwight Tillett

  • Have principals create Association of IT teachers
  • Want to expand future seminar/computer and laptop program beyond Nazarene Schools
Future Training
  • IT people - Need to develop complete curriculum. Check into A+ (or something) certs. Expand beyond Nazarene.
  • Teachers – New to further develop curriculum.
Dwight needs to collect information on the following:
  • software that the schools use

  • demographics of computers country wide

He will explain this is for the MVNU research project.

Install must include steps to restoring a Dell D420/D430 when it has a restricted wifi card.

Look for a solution to put restricted drivers on a flash drive.

Jim – Send writeup of training to Dwight, address to Mr Aird, Pound, Magana.

Computers for Labs

Our current solution understudy is the Acer/LCD/Keyboard/Mouse.

If this is the paln, we need:

  1. A brochure for the program. Needs to include a simple to understand table showing total costs of ownership for a variety of solutions.

  2. Can we explore funding/grants for financing purchase on value of energy savings.

  3. Dwight needs a COMPLETE demo system (LCD, etc.)

  4. We need to solve the cash flow issues. There needs to be a organization and account from which we spend.

  5. Do we need an NGO in Belize? How much work/cost?

  6. Need to

Get A+ Book for people down here.

Review curriculum from Sacred Heart for IT repair.

Computers for Teachers Program

  1. Need to make sure we have complete information (including email) for each teacher.

  2. Periodically collect information on these laptops and the users. How happy are they, problems, failures, an frustrations.

  3. Determine if the program should be continued. Possible dual solutions:

    1. Dell D430/Linux- $500BZ (work on sustainable quantities)

    2. Acer Aspire One/Win Seven - $600BZ

  4. Setup maintenance program with Luis Itza. We will come up with a schedule of costs per repair including (example prices at this point):

    1. Reimage ($20 BZ)

    2. Replace Battery Charger ($50BZ)

    3. Replace Screen cable ($50BZ)

    4. Replace LCD Inverter ($40BZ)

    5. Replace Hard Drive ($20BZ + disk cost, $100-$150BZ)

    6. Replace Battery ($100 BZ)

    7. Replace Motherboard ($40BZ labor + $100-$150 BZ parts)

    8. Replace LCD Screen ($30BZ + LCD cost ($100-$150BZ)

  5. We need to find sustainable sources for equipment and shipping.

  6. Use local people for “screener” people. Only Luis is sanctioned to open computers. Need to derive a policy on repair. People take to screener, they can do simple diagnoses (non-invasive) and pass on to Luis if reasonable. Luis is our only sanctioned repair person for our project. He will do a diagnosis, confer with us, and gives a quote.

  7. There needs to be a fund out of which to buy the laptops, and sell them, Having Doug, MVNU, and I front the money is not sustainable.

  8. There should be a pamphlet for the program. There should be an available demo unit with Dwight at all times.

Andrea Lopez


Very interested in getting low cost netbooks/laptops into Belize.

Jim – needs to find out who Finely is working with.

Says he can raise $40K for laptops IF the price point is $150.

Says transportation is not an issue.

Will the Netbooks will be sold to teachers or given to schools. Jim will inquire.

Rotory of San Ignacio

Aki Fukai

Involved solar powered solutions.

Presented power use spreadsheet, explained price laptop idea.

Rotary Club of Athabasca (Alberta)

Jackie Hobal 780-675-3808 Cell 780-910-0527

Stopped by the Cayo District Education building at Santa Elana.

The Rotary clubs of Alberta and San Ignacio Just happened to be meeting, about this very issue.

Very interested in collaboration on getting laptop/netbooks into Belize.

Want to use solar panels with netbook in rural schools.

Enrique Nabet

1. But computer from Tiger Direct for $350-$400

2. Trying to get web access to all primary schools, using google docs. BLT has dropped offer of CDMA connection solution

3. Also believes OpenSIS is best option for schools.

4. Believes many school don't really think about power costs.

5. Has a Ubuntu server with Ubuntu Ropository on it.

6. Uses a squid web cache.

Christopher Aird


Listened, did not say much. Did say that netbooks/laptops seemed to be the best solutions – perhaps a tacit agreement at least with our project.

Following men were trained:

Luis Miguel Itza AS NET 4 5 (501) 604 7679
Brandon D Lopez AS IT 4 3
Amilcar Abdiel Vasquez AS IT 3 5 (501) 623 6794
Shelan Humes BA Ed 2 5
Robert Sierra HS, some college 3 3
Ruperto Cowo Jr. BA Ed 2 2
Thomas Allan Arzu AS 2 2 5016002433
Eric Edvy Reyes HS 1 1
Orivin Cunil As ED

Jose Colli – tech guy at Caye Caulker

Heidi Curry – Ocean Acadamy

Get Power meter to School (Dwight)

Web Cache and File Server – build a turnkey solution

Cache Wikipedia (updates)

Neldi Rosado – Primary School (RC) on Caye Caulker

Belize ( (

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