CSC4062 Practicum in Networking

Fall 2013

Project Objectives

  1. Set up pfSense instance as in virtual machine on Linux
  2. Get the pfSense configured as a working Firewall router with the following basic functions
    • Firewall
    • Properly connect to AP
    • Routing from WAN side ( to
    • Routing over a single cable
  3. Setup Wireless AP as a DHCP server/NAT
  4. Setup and test Firewall to limit outside access (Doug Karl provide goals)
  5. Setup Squid to do web caching
  6. Setup Bandwidth Management. (Doug Karl Provide goals)
    • Determine shaping requirments
    • Implement and test
  7. Create Test Plan, Implement Test Plan, Report results.
    • Create set of system requirements
    • Create test(s) for we requirements
    • Provide specific test data, or plans for test
    • Do the tests, gather results
    • Analyze results, produce report
    • Address problems (both in the system, and in the tests), and do again
  8. Create complete documentation for setting up, cloning and operating.
  9. Present solution.

System Diagram



Create a pfsense virtual machine (using virtualbox) for use in schools in Belize to:

  1. Provide using shaping to give fair access to all users
  2. Provide web caching
  3. Provide the web cache when the internet is down



  • Week One
    • Read about pfsense
    • Research shaping and caching
    • Try to install pfsense in vmware
  • Week two
  • Take laptop with Pfsense, connect to internet via wifi, then use ethernet cable to connect my laptop to pfsense machine and get internet access
  • Route Internet through wireless router to Pfsense, then send internet back out through wifi to connect to laptop.
  • virtural box extentions
  • September 24 - October 1
    • Setup pfsense as a passthrough
      • Set up as a DHCP server
      • Set up as a NAT
      • Set up basic firewall capability

  • System Diagram:

Bandwidth Limiter

  • Research methods of bandwidth limiting in Pfsense to simulate Belize internet speeds.
  • Option 1 - Use KarlNet device to throttle down bandwidth speeds.
  • Option 2 - Use Pfsense wizard to create rules for bandwidth speeds and traffic flow

System Requirements

  • Pfsense must be able to consistently provide Belize-like speeds for web-caching tests.
  • Webcache must be collected in Pfsense, not host computer.
  • Must allow users to browse webpages offline through the web cache
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