CSC 5019 Independant Study in Computer Science

Fall 2015


  1. To find 3 to 5 open source/free firewall products for study and review (OS's?)


Web Sites

A good start, though I think you need to review your list above, and broaden your search. Only the first 2 appear general purpose stand-alone firewall systems. 3 and 4 are (as far as I can tell) merely PHP programs for protecting web assets. 5 is a "personal" firewall, and thus not reall a general purpose firewall that can protect an entire network.

I know there are many addition products out there, like pfSense, and more here:

  1. To set a test enviornment for testing each firewall
  2. Test:
    • Layer 3 filtering
    • Application layer fitlering
    • Intrustion Detection
    • Bandwidth management
    • VPN?
  3. Test each.
  4. Write a paper comparing and contrasting the products


Start Date Finish Date Activity Status Completness
2015-09-02 2015-09-03 Complete paperwork and turn in I sent you the form in your email. 100%
2015-09-02 2015-09-07 Complete plan I will look through articles and products and choose which ones I will download. 100%
2015-10-12 2015-10-13 I am done with the study and it is sent to you.   100%
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