Preschool Design Area

This is a place for each team to begin the process of assemblin and oraganizing the information collected for the preschool model. It is expected that EACH team member will contribute to the information. Your goal is to take the unformated, disorganized information already collected, and try to bring orderand clarity.

Team Members Initial Design EER-Diagrams Refined Business Rules Tables
  • Tennefoss, Joshua
  • Adams, Kevin
  • Allen, Christopher
  • Varner, Andrew
Team 1 Initial Team 1 EER Diagram Team 1 Business Rules Team 1 Tables
  • Kraly, Matthew
  • Willette, Mary
  • Taylor, Grant
  • Leasure, Shane
Team 2 Initial Team 2 EER Diagram Team 2 Business Rules Team 2 Tables
  • Bennett, Zachary
  • Wright, Jacob
  • Wetzel, Joshua
  • Ketchel, Michael
Team 3 Initial Team 3 EER Diagram Team 3 Business Rules Team 3 Tables
  • Kindle, Gregory
  • Nelson, Tyler
  • Wasil, Mark
  • Hartzler, Marcus
Team 4 Initial Team 4 EER Diagram Team 4 Business Rules Team 4 Tables

-- JimSkon - 2011-09-14

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