A system to maintain currency among instances of a folders to different drives. The newest version of each file will be on both systems at the end.

Final Deliverables


A working package to "click" and sync



  1. rsync main page
  2. rsync Documentation



Initial Meeting with Notes


  • What platform(s) or operating systems does it need to run on?

  • What specifically is the purpose of this sync application? I need to know what kind of data needs to be synced which can determine how this application will be developed.

  • I have a data integrity concern, if the sync is supposed to keep files up to date by syncing the latest version of a file, wouldn't it be easy for someone to tamper with a file and sync it to a host machine, in effect erasing important files?

  • Will the sync always happen between two separate devices (e.g. between the machine and a USB)?

  • If two devices are being synced, will it be local or over the network?

  • Besides keeping two folders up to date, are there any other user requirements/features that are needed?

  • Does it need a graphical user interface?

Research: This will be done after our questions are answered.
  • Once the programming language (C++, Java, etc.) is determined, Construct a more finalized structure of the program.

  • 1 or more people will examine Rsync source code which is written in C++ and the documentation for learning good practice with file handling. If C++ is chosen, some of it's code might be implemented into the project. If not, it will be for research only.

  • Whatever language is chosen, research will be done into its API for file examination/handling.

  • More research into GUI's and other things will be done depending on platform(s) it needs to run on.

  • If there will be people in our team that will specialize in reading/navigating directories, file handling (streams of bits, etc.), and intuitive GUI design if necessary.

Group Meeting Time:
  • Mon – 7:30

Group Organization:
  • John: Meeting scribe, working on GUI

  • Jared: Look through Rsync code

  • Cameron: Look through Rsync code

  • Ben: Design a proposal for the internal structure of program


User Requirements/System Requirements

User Requirements

Use Case Diagrams

Use Case Diagrams

Sequence Diagrams

Sequence Diagrams

Risk Tables


System Requirments

System Requirements

System Architecture


System Design

System Design

Implementation Design

Implementation Design

Testing plan

Testing Plan


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