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The purposes of this Wiki topic is to provide a clearing house for problems solved and lessons learned as the projects are developed in the course.

Software Development Topics:

Usage Rules:

When creating or editing a page, always put in appropriate headings and good formatting. If a page starts to get long, break it up into several smaller pages, organized by subtopic.

Valid topics to address on this pages are

  • Solutions to specific technical issues encountered and solved. For example, if a particular web interface component problem is encountered, and after significant research or debuging, a solution is found.
  • Useful code snippets for enhancing the system. For example, useful AJAX, HTML, FIFO code that will provide better user experience or more reliable or efficent interaction. A specifc example would be HTML code to allow form components to appear based on radio button selections. Another might be ideas on how to use CSS to streamline interface code.
This site should NOT be used to present solutions to the specifc coding requirements of the assignments. For example, you should not publish C++ code dealing with the core operation of the solutions required by the projects. An exampe of unexceptable contributions would include the listing of the C++ implementation of your Bible or Verse classes.

The topics below are a first try at a useful organization. Note that you are welcome to add topics and subtopics as needed, and even rearrange things as needed. That's the idea of a wiki ... always work to make it better! It's a community project!

Finally, I am willing to give 1 extra credit point for each significant addition or edit, up to 10, per each project!

Whenever you edit or add a topic, send me an email. That way I can give you credit.

Embedding Code:

You can embed stylised code as follows:

#include <iostream.h>

    cout << "Hello World!";
    return 0;

By using the following tags:


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