Networking Homework 2

Due: 12:55pm Sept 29

1. Show the 4B/5B encoding for the following bit sequence:

     1101 1110 1010 1101 1011 1110 1110 1111

2. Assuming a framing protocol that uses bit stuffing, show the bit sequence transmitted over the link when the frame contains the following bit sequence:


Mark the stuffed bits.

3. Consider an ARQ algorithm running over a 40-km point-to-point fiber link.

(a) Compute the one-way propagation delay for this link, assuming that the speed of light is 2 108 m/s in the fiber.

(b) Suggest a suitable timeout value for the ARQ algorithm to use.

(c) Why might it still be possible for the ARQ algorithm to time out and retransmit a frame, given this timeout value?

4. Suppose you are designing a sliding window protocol for a 1-Mbps point-to-point link to the moon, which has a one-way latency of 1.25 seconds. Assuming that each frame carries 1 KB of data, what is the minimum number of bits you need for the sequence number?


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