Appointment Manager Lab

Due: November 28


Your goal is to design, and implement a simple appointment manager based on PHP.

The system at minimum will allow the user to create appointments and view sorted appointments.

More advanced options will include the ability to modify existing appointments, delete appointments, an print only appoints for a partcular day.


You will design the system, and create the database. There will be a single table, which will include the Date, Time, Duration, Description, and Location of the appointment:

Field Description
Date Date of appointment
Time Time of Appointment
Duration Integer length in minutes of appointment
Description Text for a description of the appointment
Location Text about where the appoint will be

The primary key will be the Date+Time. Thus no two appointments can start at the same time (though they may overlap).


  1. Design and create the database (probably using PHPMYADMIN)
  2. Create a set of programs in PHP to use the database.
  3. Create functions to match or exceed the requirements of your level

Feature CS I CS II Soft Dev Op Sys
Well Designed/Written Code* 20 20 20 20
Well commented code* 5 5 5 5
Creation of a working database* 20 15 10 5
PHP Main menu* 10 10 5 5
PHP function to add appointment* 25 20 15 10
PHP function to view list of all appointments*
Sorted by appoint time
20 15 10 10
PHP function to select and delete an appointment 10 10 10 10
PHP function to select and edit an appointment 10 10 10 10
PHP function to lists only today's appointments 10 10 10 10
PHP function to print a formatted calender with appointments 10 10 10 10
Systems warn of overlapping appointments, but allows overrides 10 10 10 10
Make system multi-user. Add a table with Name and ID.
Each user logs in with ID, and each appointment uses ID.
10 10 10 10
PHP to manage users (Add delete list) 10 10 10 10
Use of significant CSS templates for enhancing the product 10 10 10 10
MAXIMUM SCORE 180 165 145 135

Turn in:

  1. Document with instructions, link to project.
  2. All code.
-- JimSkon - 2011-11-16
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