Homework 14

Parallel Computer Architectures

1. Intel x86 instructions can be as long as 17 bytes. Is the x86 a VLIW CPU?

2. One morning, the queen bee of a certain beehive calls in all her worker bees and tells them that today’s assignment is to collect marigold nectar. The workers then fly off in different directions looking for marigolds. Is this an SIMD or an MIMD system?

3. Are the following TriMedia instructions allowed, and if not, why not?

  1. Integer add, integer subtract, load, floating add, load immediate
  2. Integer subtract, integer multiply, load immediate, shift, shift
  3. Load immediate, floating add, floating multiply, branch, load immediate
4 Consider a multiprocessor using a shared bus. What happens if three processors try to access the global memory at exactly the same instant?

5. As process-design technology allows engineers to put ever more transistors on a chip, Intel and AMD have chosen to increase the number of cores on each chip. Are there any other feasible choices they could have made instead?


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