Review Guide for Exam 1

CSC2024 Computer Science II

Exam Date: March 28, 2011


Hour exam #1 will cover three main areas: abstraction/abstract data types, object-oriented programming., and Big-O analysis. The references for these topics are:

  1. Assigned reading in chapters 10 and 12 and part of 13

  1. Your notes

Types of Questions

The test may include the following types of questions. There will not necessarily be each type, but there will not be any type not described below.

  1. Definition of terms: one-two sentence definition of terms covered in class or in the text.

  1. Short answer: one-two paragraph description or discussion of a concept such as operator overloading.

  1. Problem: possibilities include declarations of a class, explaining a class declaration, a short program or code segment, etc.

Key Terms

Key terms are highlighted in bold throughout the chapters. These terms are part of the vocabulary of Computer Science; you need to be able to understand and use these terms.

Key Concepts

  1. Built-In Simple Types: char, int, short, long, bool, float, double, long
  2. Assignment Operators and Assignment Expressions
  3. Increment and Decrement Operators: ++ and --
  4. The Cast Operation
  5. C++ char Constants
  6. User-Defined Simple Types
  7. The Typedef Statement
  8. Enumeration Types
  9. User-Written Header Files
  10. Records (C++ Structs)
  11. Accessing Individual Components
  12. Aggregate Operations on Structs
  13. Hierarchical Records
  14. Unions
  15. Data abstraction and the concept of an abstract data type.
  16. Use of a declarations file (.h) and an implementation file (.cpp) in implementing adt's and object classes.
  17. Constructors for class objects.
  18. Member functions (including observer, transformer and constructor functions) and data members of objects.
  19. Operator Overloading
  20. Abstract Data Types
  21. Built-in Operations on Class Objects
  22. Information Hiding
  23. Specification and Implementation Files
  24. Compiling and Linking a Multifile Program
  25. The List abstraction
  26. List implementation
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