CSC-3024 Software and Systems Engineering 2016

Course description

A study of software of an engineered project that requires planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance. Different methods of planning, definition, requirements analysis, and cost estimation are considered. Prerequisite: CSC3004 Software Development

Course Information

Credit: 4 credit hours

Class Meetings: 3 classes per week, 2-hour lab, MWF 3:20-4:20, Lab Tuesday 3:20-5:20, Adv. Lab

Instructor: Jim Skon, LLRC, Ext. 3224, Cell 358-9417,

Course Documents

  1. SESyllabus16.doc: SESyllabus16.doc


User Requirements Draft on wiki

Date Topic Required Reading Notes Links Readings Quiz Slides Assignment Due Team Assignments Due
11-Jan Introduction Chapter 1 100 Interview Questions for Software Developers   Ch1.pptx    
12-Jan Lab: Project presentations Link      

Software Processes:
Software process models
Process activities

Chapter 2.1-2.2

Chapter 2 Homework: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 on page 54 Link Ch2.pptx    

Software Processes:
Coping with change
The rational unified process

Chapter 2.3-2.4   Link  
18-Jan Agile software development Chapter 3 Update Wiki with test plan and Risk Assessment Chapter 3 Homework 3.1, 3.5 3.6, 3.8 on page 78 Link Ch3.pptx

2.1, 2.2, 2.3 on page 54

Resume on wiki

19-Jan Lab: Project Brain Storming, Discussion, and student presentations   Project Application Assignment     Five minute research presentation on at least 2 projects concepts.
20-Jan Requirements Engineering Chapter 4.1-4.4 System Requirements Specification Link Ch4.pptx Homework 3.1, 3.5 3.6, 3.8 on page 78
22-Jan Requirements Engineering Chapter 4.5-4.7   Link   Project Application
  1. Top three project choices (Allocate 10 votes amoung 3 choices)
  2. Rationale for each (qualification, interest)
25-Jan System modeling Chapter 5.1-5.3   Link Ch5.pptx    
26-Jan Lab: Team Formation, teams meet with domain experts
Lucent Chart Demo
27-Jan System modeling Chapter 5.4-5.5   Link    
29-Jan Architectural design Chapter 6.1-4   Link Ch6.pptx  
Design and implementation
Chapter 7.1-4   Link Ch7.pptx   Meeting with notes
Moodle Link
2-Feb Lab: Intro to UML, UML Lab 1 UMLBasics.pdf

System Requirements SpecificationUML.pdf
UML Lab 1

3-Feb Lab: UML lab 2 - Use Case Use Cases UML Lab 2,
Avoid pitfalls with use cases, Weather Station Use Cases
5-Feb Lab: UML lab 3- Sequence Diagram Sequence Diagrams
UML Sequence Diagrams
UML Lab 3     UML Lab 1

User Requirement Draft
System Requirements Specification
Moodle Link

8-Feb Project management Chapter 22:1-3     Ch22.pptx UML Lab 2 Due Use Cases on Wiki
9-Feb Lab: Present User Requirements and Use Cases
Team Meanings
  Risk Analysis Assignment   Ch22.pptx  

Team Presentation ruberic

Turn in slide presentations with requirements and use cases

10-Feb Project management, Risk Assessment Chapter 22:1-3  
RiskTables.txt     UML Lab 3 Due  
12-Feb Project Planning Chapter 23:1-3   Link Ch23.pptx   Update Wiki with Sequence Diagrams  
15-Feb Project Planning Chapter 23:4-5     Ch23.pptx   System Requirements Specifications Complete
16-Feb Lab: Complete System Specification Presentation, Risk Analysis Presentation         Risk Assessment complete on Wiki
17-Feb Configuration Management Chapter 25:1-4   Link Ch25.pptx    
19-Feb Quality Management Chapter 24:1-4   Link ch24.pptx  
22-Feb Software Testing Chapter: 8: 1-2   Link Ch8.pptx System Requirements complete on Wiki
23-Feb Lab: System Architecture Presentations           System Architecture Slides
24-Feb Software Testing Chapter: 8: 3-4   Link     System Architecture on Wiki
26-Feb Software Evolution Chapter 9:1-4   Link Ch9.pptx  
29-Feb 11-Mar   Spring Break        
14-Mar Sociotechnical systems Chapter10:1-3     Ch10.pptx  
15-Mar Lab: System Design, Progress Report           System Design and Progress Slides
16-Mar   Midterm Exam Chapters 1-10, 22-25         System Design on Wiki
18-Mar ACM Code of Ethics ACM Code of Ethics        
21-Mar ACM Case studies ACM Case Studies Case Studies Assigned: Code Of Ethics Case Studies      
22-Mar Lab: System Implementation Plan and Updataed Risk Acessment           System Implementation Plan and Updated Risk Assessment
23-Mar Sociotechnical Systems Chapter10:4-5         Update Wiki with System Implementation Plan and Risk Assessment
25-Mar   Easter Break        
28-Mar Dependability and security Chapter 11:1-4

29-Mar Lab: System Test Plan and Progress Report           Test Plan and Feature Status Presentation
30-Mar Dependability and security specification Chapter 12:1-5

link Ch12.pptx   Update Wiki with test plan and Risk Assessment
1-Apr Dependability engineering Chapter 13:1-4         Ch13.pptx  
4-Apr ACM Case Study Presentations and Discussions   Code Of Ethics Case Studies     Code Of Ethics Case Studies Presentation

*Lab*: Prototype Demo, Project Status Team Meetings

Git Article
Git Overview
[[GitLab][Git Laboratory]       Demo Presentation Slides
6-Apr Security engineering Chapter 14:1-3   link Ch14.pptx  

8-Apr Software Failure Case Studies Therac25
Ariane 5 Report
Ariane 5 Case
Ariane 5 Launch

Failure Group Assignment

Software Failure Group Assignments:
1. Ariane 5 Study
2. Therac 25 Study

11-Apr Software Reuse Chapter 16:1-4   link Ch16.pptx  

*Lab*: System Security Plan Presentation
System Status Report
Team Meetings

          Security and Status report slides
13-Apr Embedded Software Chapter 20:1-4 IoT and Embedded Systems link Ch20.pptx    
15-Apr Software Failure Case Presentations   Students Presentations     Presentation Slides
18-Apr Embedded Systems - Class Activity   Embedded Class Activity      
19-Apr Lab:System Demo
Team Meetings
20-Apr Final System Presentation Final Project presentation, documentation, and demonstration.        
22-Apr Final System Presentation Final Project presentation, documentation, and demonstration.        
25-Apr Final System Presentation Final Project presentation, documentation, and demonstration.         FInal Wiki Update, Presentation Slides
27-Apr Final System Presentation Final Exam 3:20-5:10        

Course Projects

Project Platform Information / Starting Points Description Outcome Project Link
Local WHDL instances Drupal on LAMP on Hardware or vmware or Virtualbox An Instance of WHDL running on a VM on a laptop or small device (Rasberry Pi?). A working prototype of the system on one or more devices Link
Syncing a hard drive folder with a flash drive. Rsync Create a system (using Rsync?) to maintain currency among instances of a folders to different drives. The newest version of each file will be on both systems at the end. A working package to "click" and sync Link
Cost Effective Internet based office phone system Magicjack, Vonage, Ooma, Top Ten VoIP Design the most appropriate phone system for Live Wellness Centre to address today's needs and their needs for the foreseeable two years. Monthly cost is of great concern. The needs must be address but all possibilities are eligible. (i.e. A higher up front cost is tolerable if that cost can be amortized over a 12 to 24 month period.) A 5 phone VoIP system with single number plus rollover and transfer, for about $50 a month. Link
State of the art security setup for home Lamp server LAMP, Firewall list Create a home firewall setup with modern deep packet inspection, intrusion detection, etc., for $200-$300 maximum. A secure Lamp system running on a home network. Link
In Class Quizzing App   This project consists of a quiz app that can be utilized by professors to effectively quiz their students in class either on the fly or pre-planned.

working App(s) and server

Counseling Event Logger When a counselor and a client enter a room, record a start of session in a data base or google spread sheet. When they leave record again. A working Prototype Link
Counseling Room Use Monitor Create a live graphical display that shows which rooms are open, which are uses, and who is in them. Use data from the Counseling Event Logger. A working Prototype Link

Course Links

  1. Problems with incremental development
  2. Software development tools
  3. Data Flow Diagrams
  4. Avoid pitfalls with use cases
  5. UML Sequence Diagrams
  6. Weather Station Use Cases


Team Presentation ruberic - Uses to grade all teach presentations.

Video Guides

  1. The Future of Programming - Brit Victor
Case Studies
  1. Ariane 5 - Dependability Study -
  2. ACM Code Of Ethics Case Studies
  3. Therac-25 Case Study
  4. Embedded Systems


Project Title Members Project Documentation Consultant
Local WHDL Instance 1 Nicholas Norckauer
David Mc Peak
Benjamin Camm
Link James Skon
Counseling Event Logger Collin Shawler
Jasmine Lamb
Micah Gentry
Link Doug Karl
Washing Machine Use Indicator Dean Wasil
Brandon Cooper
Benjamin Yake
Link James Skon
Hard Drive Sync Jared Phillips
Benjamin Kindle
Cameron Davidson
Jon Duke
Link Jim Skon
Internet Phone System Kaitlin Roessner
Denis Gomez
Preston Spurrier
Link Doug Karl
Lamp System Security Chandler Strouse
Justin Brady
Chase Tennant
Link Jim Skon
Quizzing App Trevor Boardman
Joseph Kadrich
Eric Roby
Tristan Hummel
Link Jim Skon


Name Major email Location Resume
Boardman, Trevor M. CSBA   BoardmanTrevor
Brady, Justin T. CSNE   BradyJustin
Camm, Benjamin M. CSNE   CammBenjamin
Cooper, Brandon L. CSBS   CooperBrandon
Davidson, Cameron G. CSBS   DavidsonCameron
Duke, Jon C. CSNE   DukeJon
Gentry, Micah A. CSNE   GentryMicah
Gomez, Denis A. BUS   GomezDenis
Hummel, Tristan P. ITM   HummelTristan
Kadrich, Joseph P. CSBA   KadrichJoseph
Kindle, Benjamin T. CSBS   KindleBenjamin
Lamb, Jasmine D. CSNE   LambJasmine
McPeak , David M. CSBA   McPeakDavid
Norckauer, Nicholas J. CSNE   NorckauerNicholas
Phillips, Jared K. CSBA   PhillipsJared
Roby, Eric CSBA   RobyEric
Roessner, Kaitlin R. CSNE   RoessnerKaitlin
Shawler, Collin N. CSBS   ShawlerCollin
Spurrier, Preston M. ITM   SpurrierPreston
Strouse, Chandler J. CSBS   StrouseChandler
Tennant, Chase I. CSBA   TennantChase
Wasil, Dean M. CSBS   WasilDean
Yake, Benjamin D. CSBS   YakeBenjamin


  • Software Engineering (9th Edition) by Ian Sommerville (IS8) or
  • Software Engineering (8th Edition) by Ian Sommerville (IS9)
The chapters are organized differently between these two editions. Here is my attempt to correlate:


I will be teaching from the 9th edition, but for your readings, I will post for both books (to the extent possible


  • : Ch23.pptx

  • : Ch22.pptx

  • : Ch25.pptx

  • : ch24.pptx

  • : Ch8.pptx

  • : Ch11.pptx
  • : Ch13.pptx

  • : Ch16.pptx

  • : Ch20.pptx
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