CSC4062 Practicum In Networking

Fall 2016

Course Description

Each student completes a comprehensive networking project to plan, design, create, test, and document a complete networking infrastructure based on a set of criteria provided by the instructor. Components may include multi-segment, multi-site LAN, security assets (firewall, proxy, VPN), wireless distribution, authentication management, routing, redundancy, monitoring, content filtering, and bandwidth management.

Prerequisites: CSC3013 Computer Networks and Telecommunications

Meeting Time

Initial meeting: Wednesday 4:30-5:30, LLRC 036.

The course instructor individually guides the project with each student. Students will meet initially as a group for general guidance, but as students work on their projects, each student will be expected to meet with the instructor individually on a weekly basis for a status report, evaluation and guidance. A set of requirement specifications will be developed with each student that are appropriate for components selected for the project.

Methods used in this class

Students will be required to complete and document a series of milestones in the process of completing the practicum.

Milestone Date
Project Proposal Sept 16
System Requirements Specification with prioritized requirements Sept 30
Research results on possible solutions (with requirements matching table) Oct 7
High level architectural design proposal Oct 14
Design proposal (with explanation of major decisions) Oct 21
Equipment and materials specification Oct 28
System test specification Nov 18
System documentation Dec 2
Systems test results Dec 9
System presentation and demonstration
(presentations may be given during final exam week)
Dec 9

Method of evaluation

Each milestone will be assigned a grade based on completeness, quality of work, applicability to requirements, and readability. The first 8 milestones will be weighted 7.5% each, and final milestones (9 and 10) will be weighted 20% each.

Possible Projects

  1. Design and implement some of the network infrastructure that is required for a local organization or business. Depending on the goals of the organization, the system may be either a prototype or actually placed into production.
  2. Design, configure, test and demonstrate a complete VLAN based design with at at least 3 switches and 3 VLAN.
  3. Set up, test and demonstrate a firewall, and router for a small network (using pFSense or similar system), optionally including bandwidth management.
  4. Create a set of virtual machines plus virtual routers to be a virtual testbed for VLAN and routing experiments.
  5. Other project ideas, after determination with the instructor that the goals and scope of the project are appropriate.

Student Project Pages

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