Project Proposal Outline


The introductory section describes the purpose of the system and the environment in which the system will operate. It should also list the stakeholders and describe the likely users for whom the system is being developed. The idea is to define what will be included in the project, and set the stage for the project design and development.


This section describes the primary functionality or services to be provided by the system. The description includes a narrative that describes input/output information, tasks to be performed, and types of interfaces to be supported. The goal is that all involved audiences (user, designer, developers, and system stakeholders) can all read and understand the functionality that the system is intended to provide.


Technical and management constraints that affect development of the system are described in this section. Typical categories include:

  • available resources (hardware, software, expertise),

  • external environment,

  • required interfaces (with existing software/hardware, and users),

  • cost limits

  • schedule requirements

Constraints must be taken into account because the time and material resources available to the project are not unlimited. This section will be carefully reviewed to assure that successful implementation of the system is possible within limits specified.


Demonstrate that you have the required skills, experience and knowledge to complete this project. Explain any limitations in your background, and describe how you plan to overcome them.

-- RobertKasper - 2016-01-14

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