CSC4081/CSC4082 Computer Applications Practicum

Course Description:

Part one of an independent software development project selected in conjunction with the instructor. Includes the project planning, requirements specification, and design phases of a significant software system.

Prerequisite: CSC3004 (Software Development), and senior standing or instructors permission.

CSC4081 Syllabus, Fall 2016

Method of evaluation:

  1. Deliverables: Each deliverable will be graded. Each deliverable may be turned in one week prior to the due date for a pre-evaluation. Deliverables for the first semester include the project proposal, system requirements specification, and a system design.
  2. Activity Log: Students will turn in a weekly log of all hours worked and description of project activity. The expectation is that the student will work 2-4 hours per week in the fall, and 5-7 hours per week in the spring. The log for each week should be entered as a spreadsheet document, using the format provided by the instructor. These logs will be submitted on the course web site each Monday for the preceding week. Any week with less then 2 hours will receive at most half of the activity log credit for that week (partial credit will be given for a clear description of any work that was done). The log for the preceding week must be posted to the course web site by the end of Monday (11:59 pm).
    Work Log Template Document (Excel file)
  3. Weekly Meetings: Students will meet individually with the instructor each week, to review work in progress, discuss the deliverables, and any problems that need to be resolved.

Project Ideas

  • Design and implement a software system to meet some need for a local organization or business. Depending on the goals of the organization and scope of the project, the system may be either a prototype or actually placed into production.
  • Internet of Things: A wide range of very inexpensive (<$10), wifi and bluetooth enabled boards available. These little cards (about the size of your thumbnail) can be interconnected to a wide range of inexpensive devices and sensors (Input: sense light, voltage, temperature, movement, position, humidity, etc., Output: control lights, relays, motors, etc.). These boards will have a SDK, and programs can be written for whatever purpose you wish to achieve. Example: sense the opening of a door and send an alert to email or a smart phone. A typical project would include the configuration of a small program on the device, and building a web interface to view the status and/or control the device. More information: Internet of Things References
  • An iPhone or Android app: This would be an opportunity to learn how to use one of the mobile platforms, or gain more experience if you have already done some mobile app programming. The specific application could be anything that interests you, as long as the scope is appropriate for the time available and your level of experience with the mobile framework.
  • Applications with a web interface are also very appropriate to gain useful experience.
  • Custom Project: If you have been thinking of a software application that would be especially interesting for you, you may propose your own idea that you would like to explore, after determination with the instructor that the goals and scope of the project are appropriate.


Milestone Date
Project Proposal (draft) Project Proposal Outline September 23
Project Proposal (final) September 30
System Requirements (draft) System Requirements Outline October 28
System Requirements Specification (with prioritized requirements) November 11
Software Design (draft) November 21
Software Design Specification (revised) December 9

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