Lab 3 for CSNE Majors


Will be continuing with the next 3 learning labs from CISCO


  1. Log in at: CISCO Lab Login
  2. Launch the Learning lab
  3. Log in again for the lab
  4. For each lab, if you don't have significant experience setting up Cisco egquipment, it is imporant that you watch he video's for each lab. These are about 14-15 minutes each.
  5. Do: Enhancing the Security of Initial Router Configuration Suspended
  6. Do: Configuring the Router to Support Web-Based Applications, a User with Privilege 15, Telnet, and SSH
  7. Do: Managing Remote Access Sessions
  8. Answer the questions below, and turn in


Questions for "Enhancing the Security of Initial Router Configuration Suspended"

Answer the following questions, and turn in on Moodle:

  1. What is the value of encrytping the password? How is this different from requiring a password?
  2. What would be a good banner for Mount Vernon Nazarene University?
  3. What are required fields for setting up SSH?
  4. What is the purpose of setting up a router to have remote access into the router?

Questions for "Configuring the Router to Support Web-Based Applications, a User with Privilege 15, Telnet, and SSH"

  1. What is the differance between the ">" prompt and the "#" prompt?
  2. What is the point of setting a routor to have remote logins with privilege 15?

Questions for "Managing Remote Access Sessions"

  1. What does "no ip domain-lookup" do? Why is this useful?
  2. What does setting the history to 100 do for you?
  3. What does the "line vty 0 4" command mean?
  4. What is the purpose and function of the the CTRL-SHIFT-6 escape sequence?
  5. What doesthe "resume 1" command do?
  6. Why must you use the CTRL-SHIFT-6 escape sequence twice in a row followed by and "x" in this lab?
  7. Practice this lab several times to make sure you understand it.

Turn in

  1. A screen pic for the main lab pages showing the first three labs are complete: CISCOStatus.png:
  2. Answer the questions aboue in a word document.
  3. Turn it all in on moodle.
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