Chapter 2 Quiz


In what situations is substitution cypher easy to decode? Why is this?

Quiz Solution

Discussion Questions

  1. It seems like most encryption methods are compromised because too much is known about them, perhaps from being openly published by their creators. Are there currently methods in place that nobody knows much about because the creator never spilled the beans?
  2. The text says brute force using Hash tables to crack a key can have a success rate as high as 60-70 percent. Why would any program allow a user to utilize a password in the rainbow tables then? Even though that would force a complex password.
  3. Block Ciphers seem just to be imposing a key onto the plaintext. How is this any different than the rest of the encryption techniques?
  4. The the section of DES, the author mentions S-Boxes. What exactly did they do and how did they help prevent attacks?
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