Course Calendar 2010

Date Topic Readiing
4-Feb Introduction to Software Construction, Using Unix/Emacs Ch. 1,2
7-Feb Software development prerequisites and construction decisions Ch. 3,4
8-Feb Intro to C++ File Operations C++ File Operations Handouts
9-Feb C Shell, Make Files,
File project 1
10-Feb C++ Files.
Command line lookup of verses.

11-Feb CGI Scripts
14-Feb Design in Construction Ch. 5-.1-5.3
15-Feb Project one design and hints , Debugging
16-Feb Design Practices Ch. 5.4, 5.5
17-Feb Project 2
18-Feb Computer Storage Hardware
21-Feb Computer Storage Hardware
22-Feb Project 2
23-Feb Classes Ch 6.1-6.3
24-Feb CGI Help, project work
25-Feb Classes Ch 6.4-6.6
28-Feb User Interface Design Handout
1-Mar Project 2 Hints and Ideas
2-Mar Code Rush
3-Mar Project 2 Lab work
Direct File Access

4-Mar High-Quality Routines Ch7.1-7.4
7-Mar High-Quality Routines Ch7.5-7.6
8-Mar Project 2
9-Mar Defensive Programming Ch. 8
10-Mar Project 2
11-Mar Indexed files
14-Mar Pseudocode Programming Process Ch. 9
15-Mar Project 3 Hints and Ideas
16-Mar Indexed Files
17-Mar Project 3
18-Mar Midterm Exam Ch. 1-9
21-Mar Midterm Break
22-Mar Midterm Break
23-Mar Midterm Break
24-Mar Midterm Break
25-Mar Midterm Break
28-Mar Tree File Structures
29-Mar Project three work Handout
30-Mar Tree File Structures
31-Mar Project three work Handout
1-Apr Tree File Structures
4-Apr Tree File Structures
5-Apr Project
6-Apr Variables Ch. 10
7-Apr Project
8-Apr Naming Variables Ch. 11
11-Apr Returns, Recursion, Ch. 17
12-Apr Project four design and hints
13-Apr Table driven Code. Ch. 18
14-Apr Project 4
15-Apr Indirect Address Translation
Hashing Introduction

18-Apr Hashing
19-Apr Project four design and hints
20-Apr Hashing
21-Apr Project four
22-Apr Easter Break
25-Apr Easter Break
26-Apr Project five design and hints
27-Apr Hash files
28-Apr Project five design and hints
29-Apr The Software-Quality Landscape Ch. 20
2-May Debugging Ch. 23
3-May Project five work
4-May Debugging Ch. 23
5-May Project five work
6-May Refactoring code Ch. 24
9-May Code Tuning Ch. 25-26
10-May Project five work
11-May Project 5 code review
12-May Project five work
13-May Final Review

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