One major problem I ran into with Windows and Shares is that it remembers your login information. So you are unable to switch users easily or even logout. The only way I've found to disconnect is by command prompt: _net use * /del /yes_ to delete all active/saved shares.

Installed Ubuntu 11.04 in Virtualbox on my laptop. Installed Webmin and Samba through the Webmin GUI. No problems with the install. Went to configure and couldn't find any options for connecting to the file server. Decided there may be too much going on with my laptop to know what the problem is. Too many test software programs to troubleshoot.

Installed Ubuntu 11.04 on desktop. Installed Webmin. Could not find an option to install Samba like before. Installed Seperately. Samba did not show installed under Webmin. Tried upgrading to 11.10 and video card was not supported. Won't boot. Tried reinstalling Ubuntu 11.04. Spent an entire afternoon trying to install.

Second desktop. Trying to download OpenSuse . Says it's going to take 6 hours. In the meantime trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 on this desktop instead because it has plenty of hard drive space and faster than laptop. VirtualBox locked up while trying to install. Trying OpenSuse instead.

Couldn't get Suse installed. Tried twice and both times it locked up.

Went back to original install on laptop and can't login to Ubuntu. Says password is incorrect. Laptop is out of hard drive space too.

Finally was able to get Ubuntu 11.04 reinstalled on the 1st desktop. Did NOT update to 11.10. Installed Samba first and then installed Webmin.

-- MaryWillette - 2012-04-01

Under System>Users and groups there are a whole bunch of users listed. You can choose to Create a new user and add a home directory for them. If you select NO for the automatic option at the bottom to create a home directory then that user won't have the correct permissions for their directory. If it is selected though you won't be able to change the home directory after creating the account. I would go into the user account to change it and nothing would happen. It would be much better to have an error or something.

Now when creating users through System>Users and groups they do not show up under Samba Users. They are created as an ubuntu user. You first have to run Convert Unix users to Samba users under Servers>Samba Windows File Sharing.

There is also something called Username Mapping listed under Samba Windows File Sharing>Authentication. It seems to map Unix users to Windows Users. The one I just added using the GUI instructions above does not show up in this list. Just when I used the Terminal instructions above.

Usermin: Changing the port and address

Usermin usually listens for connections on port 20000 on all of your system's IP addresses. You may need to change the port though, perhaps because a firewall on your network only allows connections to web servers on the standard ports of 80 and 443. Changing the listening IP address can also be useful if your system has multiple network interfaces and you want to only allow connections on the interface connected to the internal LAN.

To change the port or address, do the following :

  1. Click on the Port and Address icon on the module's main page.
  2. To listen on only a specific interface address, select the second option in the Listen on IP address field and enter an IP into the text box next to it. This must be the address of one of your host's real or virtual interfaces.
  3. To change the port, enter a number into the Listen on port field.
  4. Hit the Save button to use the new settings. Anyone currently using Usermin will need to re-login at the new URL, as the old one will stop working.

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