Meyer, Derrick Work Log

Date Hours Description of work completed
4-7-2010 2 Hrs Worked on the demonstration, along with the quiz question for Wednesday.
4-6-2010 3 Hrs. Worked on the SL Scavenger hunt, and edited the scripts, along with learning more about SL's new interface (the Viewer 2).
04-08-2010 2 Hrs Researched project details (on the scavenger hunt). Completed certain details of the prototype.
04-09-2010 1 Hr Worked on prototype (scavenger hunt) during class. (Class hour)
04-11-2010 4 Hrs Prototype's main usage was finished, and a live demonstration was prepared. Moodle (and some sloodle) was investigated further.
04-12-2010 1.5 Hr Explained prototype to group, and started to implement Sloodle (the main tool and the Presenter).
04-15-2010 2 Hrs Worked on investigation of sloodle and moodle.
- Group meeting
- Read chapter 22 and the quiz question for the following day's quiz.
04-17-2010 1 Hr Worked on Second Life more, along with more Moodle/Sloodle.
04-18-2010 4 Hrs Updated the overall project requirements page
Spent more time into Second Life
More Sloodle/Moodle work
04-20-2010 1 Hr Prepared for presentation.
04-22-2010 1 Hr Worked on finding Second Life games.
04-25-2010 3.5 Hrs - Talked to Christy about the Maze/Quiz idea
- Met with an engineer and worked out details on this idea.
- Time spent in Second Life, checking up on the progress of the Maze/Quiz project (reported 80% complete).
04-26-2010 1 Hr Got on Second Life, checked on the progress of the Maze/Quiz project (reported 95% complete).
04-27-2010 1 Hr Received the Quizamariz and was told how it works.
04-29-2010 1 Hr Read chapter 23 and came up with a quiz question and answer.
05-02-2010 3 Hrs Explored Second Life and prepared for Tuesday's presentation.
05-03-2010 1 Hr Prepared more for the presentation.
05-06-2010 2 Hrs Did more work on the Quizamariz, read the chapter and did a quiz question.
05-09-2010 4 Hrs Finished typing the script for Scavenger Hunt, uploaded files for the Quizamariz, and then tested each.
05-10-2010 1 Hr Prepared for the following day's presentation.
05-11-2010 1.5 Hrs Read chapter 24 and prepared a quiz question and answer.

-- DerrickMeyer - 2010-04-08

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