Entity Relationship Diagram Assignment

Please make complete ER solutions for the following problems. You may and draw (neatly) and scan them, or use the computer to do the diagrams. If you use the computer I suggest MySQL Workbench.

1. You are to design a database that maintains information for producing a weekly television guide
for a given region (such as Ohio). The data should include information about
television shows, television networks, cities, channels, show times, etc. For starters, you may
make the following assumptions:

  • A given channel in a given city is associated with one network.
  • A given show is either owned by a network (and shown on a channel associated with that network) or is a local show and may be shown on any channel.
  • Not all shows are shown in all cities, and the days and times for a given show may di ffer from city to city.
  • You may ignore cable channels, which generally are not city-dependent.
Please feel free to make additional assumptions about the real world in your design, as long as the assumptions are reasonably realistic and are stated clearly as part of your solution.
  1. Specify a list of entities for your database. In for each specify a list of attributes and relationships, don't forget to define keys.

  2. Specify an entity-relationship diagram for your database. Don't forget to underline key attributes and include arrowheads indicating the multiplicity of relationships. Note that this question is fairly open-ended and there is no single right answer, but some designs are better than others.

-- JimSkon - 2011-09-23

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