First Meeting With Doug Karl and Jim Skon

Current System

There is a system that already exists with questions, charts, paragraphs, etc. all in XML code. There are multiple files so that each category of items such as finance issues or communication issues are all together in one file. Each item has a set of properties which can be type, subtype (type of answers), responsetype (radio, checkbox, etc.), summary, explanation, voice, source, and target. Each item can also have dependencies or can assert a quality that will be used in a later item as a dependency.

Goal of Project


We need to create a form that will be able to generate XML code to add to existing code or to create new XML documents. The forms will create different types of objects such as questions, paragraphs, charts, and videos. Each item will have multiple fields associated with it. These fields already exist in the system so we need to base the code generator off of the existing code. The form should also be able to update existing questions and remove questions.

Items need to be able to assert properties that are associated with the user answering the question, etc. Such as remembering that the user is married or engaged. Items will show up based on if they are associated with properties that have been asserted earlier.

The form can either be developed from scratch using Java, Javascript or C++ or can use an existing XML code generator such as Oxygen.

Possible Resources

Josh's Notes

Sheet – web page comes up, question paragraph anything – at least one multiple choice or yes/no, select answer (multiple choice)

Underlying system, presents something – sentence or paragraph, answer is given, based on answer, do whatever, more questions reading, anything. Maybe asked as a set, then something new

No multiple choice test – every time clicks all bets are off, whatever you want next

Example – marries/dating/engaged – later marriage specific questions

Building a profile, certain rules – if certain section has poor scores or answers, go to a lesson

Xml file, hard to write, define a sheet, many sheets, text and questions, dependency = ?(optional), any dependency you want, based on a certain set of answers to specific questions, at the end of sheet, new sheet comes up

About 300 sheets, man/woman/coach independent questions – coach can guide to certain questions/lessons manually (manually set dependencies or simply queue specific items?)

Goal of system is not “should the couple be together”, rather move toward Christ, goal of progression toward Christian living/relationship

XML Specifics

Voice – who is logged in/using the system

Source/target = behavior

All the same sheet, different items

Editing, reordering, placing inside of xml tree

Item or group – group are nodes, questions may be from root or in group (no nesting groups- probably)

Traverse XML in JavaScript , java, C++, PHP

Oxygen, configure it to achieve the same ends? Form driven interface?

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