Group Presentation Rubric

Group presentations should include the entire team, and last 10 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions.

Trait Criteria       Points
1 2 3 4
Content Did the presentation cover the topic appropriately? Presentation contained little to no appropriate material. Presentation had some appropriate material was present but as a whole content was lacking or incomplete. Presentation had mostly complete covering, with a few missing components. Presentation had an exceptional ofthe topic.
Collaboration Did everyone contribute to the presentation? Did everyone seem well versed in the material? There was little or not evidence of the group working together as a team to produce the presentation. It appeared that either only some of the teams worked together, or all of the team only worked together for some of the presentation. It was apparent that there was significant teamwork, though there is some evidence that not everyone was completely engaged. There was significant evidence that the whole team worked together on the entire project, and presentation.
Organization Was the presentation well organized and easy to follow? The presentation lacked organization and had little evidence of preparation There were minimal signs of organization or preparation. The presentation had organizing ideas but could have been much stronger with better preparation. The presentation was well organized, well prepared and easy to follow.
Presentation Did the presenters Speak clearly? Did the engage the audience? Presenters were unconfident and demonstrated little evidence of planning prior to presentation. Presenters were not consistent with the level of confidence/ preparedness they showed the classroom but had some strong moments. Presenters were occasionally confident with their presentation however the presentation was not as engaging as it could have been for the class Presenters were all very confident in delivery and they did an excellent job of engaging the class. Preparation is very evident.
Visuals Presentation text and graphics Text and graphics was rough, ineffectual, unattractive, and/or hard to follow The text and graphics at time effective and/or attractive, bad had many flaws. The text and graphics was quite good, though there was some small problems, and room for improvement. The text and graphics was excellent.

Empty Rubric

Trait Comments Points (1-4)
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