Turning in on the Wiki

  1. Name your project "AssignmentName-lastname".
  2. Publish.
  3. Go to: Student Wiki Pages
  4. Click on "Register" and create an account (if you don't have an account)
  5. Go to: Student Wiki Pages again
  6. Click on your name. An editor will open. Hit "save" to return to your page.
  7. Hit "Attach". Upload you swf file, e.g. "Exam1-lastname.swf". Also select the "Create a link to the attached file"
  8. Hit "edit" to edit you page"
  9. Add the following line:
  10. Add the following line:
    %EMBEDFLASH{"%ATTACHURL%/Exam1-lastname.swf" width="550" height="400"}%
  11. Save. Your project should now appear in all it's glory!

Publish to Web (Hoth, don't use this anymore, use the Wik above)

  1. Save or move your swf file.
  2. goto folder (on desktop) Computer Science. open
  3. Run "SSH Secure Shell Client" (double click)
  4. Click "Quick Connect"
  5. "Host name" is "hoth", "User Name" is your username.
  6. Connect, "Ok", then enter password (starts as your ID)
  7. Go to "Window/New File Transfer"
  8. Find your SWF file in the left (local) side.
  9. On the remote (Hoth) side select the path, and enter "/home/webdev/apache/htdocs/csc3003/
  10. Scroll down to your username, double click to enter.
  11. Drag your SWF file over!
  12. web to hoth.mvnu.edu:8333/csc3003
-- JimSkon - 2011-02-09
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