Homeword 3

Due November 10, 11:55 pm

1. Complete the following table

Address Network Address First Host Last Host Broadcast /28 167130.47.14 167130.47.15        

2.For the network given in the figure below, give the datagram forwarding table for each node. The links are labeled with relative costs; your tables should forward each packet via the lowest-cost path to its destination.


3. Give forwarding tables for switches S1 to S4 in the figure below. Each switch should have a default routing entry, chosen to forward packets with unrecognized destination addresses toward OUT. Any specific-destination table entries duplicated by the default entry should then be eliminated.


4. Given the extended LAN shown below, indicate which ports are not selected by the spanning tree algorithm.


5. Suppose a bridge has two of its ports on the same network. How might the bridge detect and correct this?

6. . Suppose a TCP message that contains 1024 bytes of data and 20 bytes of TCP header is passed to IP for delivery across two networks interconnected by a router (i.e., it travels from the source host to a router to the destination host). The first network has an MTU of 1024 bytes; the second has an MTU of 576 bytes. Each network’s MTU gives the size of the largest IP datagram that can be carried in a link-layer frame. Give the sizes and offsets of the sequence of fragments delivered to the network layer at the destination host. Assume all IP headers are 20 bytes.

7. For the network shown below, give global distance–vector tables like those of Tables 3.10 and 3.13 in the text when

  • (a) Each node knows only the distances to its immediate neighbors.
  • (b) Each node has reported the information it had in the preceding step to its immediate neighbors.
  • (c) Step (b) happens a second time.


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