ITD2089 Mission and Ministry

This is a special combined course of both Senior Colloquium and Seminar in International Development.

This is an interdisciplinary study experience in which students study and experience the culture of and participate in service learning opportunities in a developing or third world country. This particular instance of this course will focus on partnering with Belizean schools, universities and churches to facilitate and enhance computer literacy programs in the schools of Belize.

Required Reading

After reading these do one of the following:

1. Write a 1-2 page essay commenting on:

  • What you found most interesting
  • What you would most like to learn more about Belize
  • What places you would most like to visit
  • General questions you would like to ask Belizeans (not the research questions)
2. Write a 1-2 page outline of what you learned.

Research Questions



During the trip a daily journal is to be kept. These should be updated everyday. Journals may be at any time for currency, which will affect the grade. The journal should be more then a simple catalog of activities (though it should include this). It should include descriptive commentary of how you felt, what foods tasted like, and how you were surprised. It must also contain thoughtful reflections on your experiences. For example, include your thoughts on poverty, families, justice, friendship, happiness, materialism, technology, Christianity, defining self, etc. You journal should have no less than 2 pages per day. The grading will be 50% length, and 50% quality of content.

Quality depends on 1. Completeness, 2. Self-reflection, 3. Analysis of what is experienced, 4. Synthesis of experience with US worldview.

Research Project

Computer Literacy Study. Each student will, in consultation with the instructor, develop a series of 2-3 questions relating to some aspect of computer literacy, ownership, internet access, application usage, cost factors, cell phone usage, and other technology usage. The student will collect data relating to these questions. A research paper will be written from this data, 2-3 pages in length, analyzing the collected data, evaluating the quality of the results, and hypothesizing a more general evaluation of the state of computer usage in Belize with respect to those questions. Since we will be visiting several diverse locations, consider the data both in general, as well as in terms of the different locations.

List of current questions.

Each person needs to do a disticnt study. As I collect and accept the questions I will post them here. ResearchQuestions

Please email your proposed questions to me by December 15.

Final Reflection Paper:

In this typed paper you are to reflect on the entire experience in a holistic way – reflecting on all dimensions of our time in Belize – service, worship, leisure, field trips, and cultural events. Discuss aspects of the trip that challenged you. Give discussion to the spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and intellectual growth you experienced. The paper must have a significant focus on the ways the experience fostered growth and maturity in your life. In addition, the paper must include an in-depth discussion of what you observed and learned about cross-cultural missions in general and in education and technology in particular.
-- JimSkon - 2011-12-12

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