Sexual Harassment Training System Initial Meeting - February 14, 2012

What need is the sexual harassment training system fulfilling, or in other words what problem is it solving?

  • Promote and reinforce MVNU’s desire for a cohesive work environment
  • Communicate institutional policy with regard to Title IX; train employees how to respond to situations in a moral, ethical and legal manner

  • MVNU has Legal Obligations to provide sexual harassment training
    • Title 9 - Sexual Harassment Guidance
    • Document that proper training has taken place to legally protect the University

  • Test a users knowledge in the domain of Sexual Harassment

  • Provide training unique to each user in:
    • Areas of Sexual Harassment the user is struggling to grasp
    • Areas unique to the users role at MVNU
    • Areas of Sexual Harassment a supervisor requests for specific users
Are there measurable ways to determine if this need is being met, or if the problem is being solved?
  • Records will be kept of answers users provide for each question
What different types of users will be interacting with the system?
  • List forthcoming-- 1) Traditional students; 2) Non-traditional students; 3) Faculty; 4) Staff; 5) Supervisory Faculty and Staff
  • Note: Discussd ability to provide access to each user’s results based on the permissions of user profiles with Doug Karl -- it is part of the current design
Can you talk us through how each type of user would interact with the system?
  • What should users expect?
    • An integrated experience of questions and training
    • Training provided for questions answered incorrectly
    • Mandatory Training in certain areas
    • Training in the form of videos, references to legal documents, MVNU Policies and possibly others
    • Ability to start and stop the session and pick up from previous point

  • Normal flow of events?
    • Users log in
    • Demographic questions answered first -- Needs Confirmed
    • Preliminary Training?
    • Test questions interleaved with training?
    • Test questions then training at the end followed by reinforcing questions?

  • Is there anything that can go wrong? How should it be handled?

  • What should happen when the user is done with a session?
    • Feedback on score; potential highlight areas where user struggled
    • Supervisor notified?
    • Human Resources notified
Under what circumstances, or in what context, is the user likely to be using the system?
  • Users will be using the system online
  • Users will have a deadline by which it needs to be completed
    • If not completed Supervisors and others will need to be notified
Based on what has been discussed so far, what information will the system initially need?
  • Categories questions fall under -- To produce a Category worksheet - will start with the are of Hostile Environment
  • Questions and responses
  • Training resources linked with proper questions or question categories
  • The types of user profiles
    • The permissions associated with each user profile
    • Pre-defined demographics for user types
Is there information the system will need to log or track?
  • User answers to questions
  • Training taken by the users
  • How long it took a user to take the test?
  • How long it took the user to answer certain questions?
In what ways must the system be available?
  • Online for end users
  • Online for administrators?
How heavily will the system be used?
  • At this point not too heavily
    • Likely to experience peak usage before deadlines
Are there certain aspects of the system we can immediately know are likely to change?
  • Possibly types of questions asked
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