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So far what I have accomplished is that I went to and clicked on courses, this lists all the courses in alphabetical order. If you click on a course and then scroll down and click on the view scorecard link it has all the information on each hole on that golf course as well as the slope and course rating information, It also has all the different tee boxes for each hole listed. I noticed that when you are viewing the scorecard for different courses all of the URL's are the same except the ID in the php at the top changes. So I wrote a shell script that used wget and a counter to download every single one of these html pages on the website. After getting this to work and downloading all the php files that have all the HTML code in them that has all the information about the course that I want for my database. So then I wrote a C++ program that went through and opened up all these hundreds of HTML programs I downloaded and went down through the HTML and found the part that had the scorecard in it, and gathered all this information and output it in CSV style into another file. Naturally this file had a few errors, such as random lingering '<' or '>' characters from the HTML where it didn't parse prefectly but really there were only a few cases and they were easy to get rid of. Another problem I ran into was when parsing the HTML I looked for 'Blue','Black','Red' etc. for the names of the tee boxes because those are most common, but there were a few strange cases of courses having custom named tees like for instance one of the ohio state courses has “Buckeye” tees, so what I did was write a short program to go through and find each tee box name and output them into a file then I made my parsing program account for any of these tee box names, after I ran it that way all of the custom tee names were now in my CSV file. I then downloaded the eclipse programming environment and wrote a few short android programs that were just “hello world” or equivalent. My next step will be to write a program to create a SQLite database with all my golf courses, which shouldn't be too bad since it is in a CSV file which should make reading in the data pretty easy.

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