Lab1: Introduction to Wireshark

Due: Sept. 13


  1. To introduce the use and functions of Wireshark
  2. To view the encapsulation of data packets
  3. To experience the use of Wireshark on both Windowa 7 and Linux


  1. Review Hands-on activity 1B on page 35-36 in chapter 1 of text.
  2. Boot your computer to Windows 7. Complete the lab using Wireshark on Windows
    • Wireshark should appear in your start menu under all programs.
  3. Reboot your computer to Linux. Complete the lab using Wireshark on Ubuntu.
    • On Linux Wireshark must be running in superuser mode in order to capture packets
    • Click on the Ubuntu symbol (upper right), and type "terminal". Click on the terminal icon.
    • Type in "sudo wireshark" to start Wireshark. you will be prompted for your password.
  4. Complete the deliverables on page 36. Note any differences found between Linux and Windows.
  5. Turn in deliverables on Moodle.
-- JimSkon - 2012-09-06
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