Lab5 Wireshark with packet inspection

Due Oct 30

Do in either Linux or Win . If using Linux, open a terminal window and type "sudo wireshark" to run wireshark.

Step 1:
Complete the Hands-on-activity on page 144 of the text.

Step 2:
1. Connect to the MVNU web site while capturing.
a. What protocols are being used?
b. What is your IP address, and what is the IP address of the web pages?
c. Approximately how many frames were transfers in viewing this site?

Step 3:
Look specifically at the Ethernet fields for WWW.MVNU.EDU
1. What is your Ethernet MAC Address? What is the Ethernet address of frames from WWW.MVNU.EDU?
2. Find the Ethernet sequence numbers. Are they increasing as expected?

Step 4:
If using Win 7 turn on ping response in Win7 using the following instructions:
Open a Terminal Console. Do an "ipconfig /all" and record your IP and MAC address. (Do "ifconfig" for Linux)
Ask another class member for their IP an MAC address.
Use the "ping ip-address" command to ping your neighbour's computer.
Confirm if the MAC address is the same. This can be done with the "arp -a" command.

Step 5:

  1. Complete a writeup for the previous answers
  2. Describe your experience in terms of what you learned, and what problems you encountered.
  3. How could this lab be made better?
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