Lab 6 Using iperf and jperf

Due Oct 17

Lab Objective:

To use use lab tools to compare the throughput of TCP and UDP. Also to compare the throughput of different OS’s and between two OS’s. This includes Win7/Win7, Win7/Linux, Linux/Linux.

You will also test the throughput with a WiFi connection.


  1. Measuring Network Performance - Jperf
  2. iperf
  3. ifconfig

Lab Method

You will partner with someone else, or use someone else's system so you don't have to install everything on two separate systems. You will, however, each need to write your own report.

Part 1:

  1. Install iperf and jperf on each target OS.
    • On Linux run Ubuntu Software Center, load iperf and Java Runtime. Then get jperf from
    • All exacutable files MUST set to executable. Use command chmod 777 *
    • run the on Linux. Just double click and select "ececute in terminal".
    • Find and download iperf for Win7. You can use the same Java program for jperf.
    • On windows dowload jperf: jperf, and download iperf: iperf
  2. Connect two laptops to the lab network (Verify you have a 149.143.3.x address).
  3. Run a 30 second test in TCP between each pair of OS's, recording the results in Excel. (Win7/Win7, Win7/Linux, Linux/Linux)
  4. Run UDP tests between each test pair. You will need to keep increasing the bandwidth until packets are dropped. Record the highest throughput rate with less then 1% error rate. Record the result in Excel.
Part 2 - do the rest with only a Linux/Linux combination. Only do TCP tests.
  1. Measure the cost of the switch. Connect the systems directly. Is it high bandwidth? Do you see any difference? Analyze the difference (if any) from the traffic through the switch. Record this in Excel.
  2. Measure the Wifi. Try the following combinations. I suggest you NOT do WiFi while other people are doing it.
    • One laptop on wire (149.143.3.x), one on wireless (CS-WIFI2 or CS-WIFI5). Try with the server on the wire side, then on the wireless side. Why is there a difference?
    • One laptop on wire (149.143.3.x), one on wireless (MVNU)
    • Both on wireless (one on CS-WIFI2, other on MVNU)
    • Both on wireless (both on CS-WIFI2)
    • Both on wireless (one on CS-WIFI2, other on CS-WIFI5)
  3. Measure analyze the cost of one switch verses two switches. I will let you design this, and test it.
Part 3 - Analysis
  1. Writre a 1-2 page lab report describing what you learned, any problems encountered. How do you thing such a system would be useful?
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