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Clarification of terms:

Inventory ID and PIN > The Inventory ID is a 10 digit number that is used to access a particular couple or client's Inventory. A PIN is a 4 digit number that is required for an individual to access their part of an Inventory. A person will use his Inventory ID and PIN to access his/her Inventory. Couples taking an Inventory must share the same Inventory ID, however they have different PINs. The man has his unique PIN and the woman has her unique PIN. In all cases the coach has his/her own PIN to access the coaching portion of an Inventory.

Purchase -> We use this term to signify when money is changing hands. In most cases the couple or client will be purchasing the Inventory using Paypal's on-line payment service. They don't need to have a Paypal account to purchase but do need to have a credit card. Organizations can purchase Inventories in bulk so as to not require to their clients to have to pay themselves. In this case the organization prepays for the Inventories they are purchasing.

Activate an Inventory -> We use this term to signify the creation of an Inventory. Once the Inventory is created the client only needs to know the Inventory ID and their respective PIN to take/access their Inventory.

Activation Code -> An Activation Code is used by a couple or individual to create an Inventory using the "Purchase/Activate and Inventory" feature of the Life In Motion Resources Web site. There are different types of activations codes as described below. When communicating with the couples who are taking the Inventory they don't need to know the different types of codes they just need to know the value of the code that their organization has recommended to them.

Coupon Code -> The is a type of Activation Code that is issued only by Life In Motion Resources and is used to provide discounts on our products to all users of the system. A couple can use this type of activation code to purchase Inventories at a discount. A church can pass on it's discount to students taking a class by the use this Coupon Code. Smaller organizations that do not offer classes or do not wish to make bulk purchases only need to use this type of code.

Voucher Code -> This is another type of Activation Code that is purchased by the organization using Paypal and is fully paid up so that others may activate Inventories without a having to pay. This is the type of code is created when an organization does a "Bulk Purchase". Organizations may with do bulk purchases if they are bundling the Inventory with payments for seminars, classes, counseling packages, etc. This is the only type of code where the church pays for the Inventory.

Class Code -> This is another type of Activation Code that is created by the organization that adds the ability to have students automatically associated with a particular class that is being offered by the organization. Some organizations can use this Class Code to associate clients to a particular home group, small group, study group or counselor.

Inventory Management Processes







CoachID = Coach, Class, Instructor

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