Mark Wasil Work Log

Date Hours Description
2012-07-16 3 First-time setup and research. Studied example code and informally edited it to both understand and remember how to use Javascript.
2012-07-17 1 Studied example code and brainstormed.
2012-07-17 3 Began combining Skon's code with Grant's. Ended up scrapping almost all of Grant's code except for his HTML work. Rebuilt with cleaner, shorter, and faster code.
2012-07-18 5.5 Meeting with Dr. Skon. Continued work on merging code.
2012-07-19 1.5 Added functions for graphics.
2012-07-19 3.5 Packed laptops. --- Got paid.
2012-07-20 2.5 Packed laptops. --- Got paid.
2012-07-21 2.5 Fixed graphics.
2012-07-22 2 Began reworking the graphics. Previous code produced errors upon changing the standard deviation.
2012-07-23 5 Had a meeting, finished the graphics problem, reworked the system to use A and B points, cleaned up other small errors that were pointed out to me.
2012-07-24 5 Had brief meeting, finished graph tweaks, researched layering graphs, improved code flow in curve.html.
2012-07-25 5 Began work on new functions. Spent most of my time on the zoom function, which still isn't working. Dr. Skon and Zach couldn't figure out the problem either.
2012-07-26 5 Continued work on zoom function. Reworked the functions and it's mostly working now, but not quite right just yet.
2012-07-27 3 Meeting with Dr. Noonan. Finished zoom function. Began work on graph movement (positioning within the canvas) functions.
2012-07-28 3 Continued work on positioning function. Reworked the canvas initializing for testing with new functions.
2012-07-29 3 Finished graph movement functions (click and drag). Implemented a loading wait for normal.html to prevent problems with curve.html.
2012-07-30 2 Cleaned movement functions and removed unneeded code.
2012-07-31 8 Finished original program and started work on new program (two curves). Owe Dr. Skon $10.
2012-08-01 6 Meeting with Dr. Noonan. Found and fixed HUGE problem with A or B being to the left of the curve. Worked on two-curve program.
2012-08-02 5.5 Finished the two-curve program except for finding the area of the second curve. Will need Dr. Noonan's help. Met with Dr. Skon and discussed next program.
2012-08-03 4.5 Met with Dr. Noonan and started work on the "fat people" program. ------- Submitted Timecard -------
2012-08-04 4 Continued work on "fat people". Got the dynamic bar graph working correctly.
2012-08-05 4.5 Cleaned up code and began adding new features such as dynamic bar amounts.
2012-08-06 3 Met with Dr. Noonan and continued to add new features such as the option to select all people instead of just the leftmost ones.
2012-08-07 4 Spent a good amount of time trying to get the canvas to clear every time something is updated (such as the new "people" amount). Not yet completely finished. Very messy. Might need a clean-up later.
2012-08-08 4 Met with Dr. Noonan. Reworked code and fixed bugs within the canvas redrawing functions.
2012-08-09 4.5 Added function to only make one gender. Continued fixing bugs. Found big problem with the showGraph function.
2012-08-10 5 Met with Dr. Noonan and finally cleaned ALL of the known bugs. As it is, the program should always function correctly. ------- Submitted Timecard -------
2012-08-13 4 Began preparing code for easy implementation of additional features. Reworked refresh function calling structure.
2012-08-14 2 Went through both the curve and peopleweight programs and replaced confusing variables and added comments where needed.
2012-08-15 7 Met with Dr Noonan. Discussed current code and future plans. Added function to create a new instance of the population without changing any input variables. Added four different options for distribution patterns within the population.

-- JimSkon - 2012-07-17

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