Test Plan __________________________________

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Resource Requirements

3. Features To Be Tested / Test Approach

4. Features Not To Be Tested

5. Test Deliverables

6. Dependencies/Risks

7. Entrance/Exit Criteria

1. Introduction

Description of this Document
This document is a Test Plan for the Marriage Project, produced by the Marriage Project Team. It describes the testing strategy and approach to testing we will use to validate the quality of this product prior to release. It also contains various resources required for the successful completion of this project.

The focus of the Marriage Project is to support those new features that will allow easier development, deployment and maintenance of solutions built upon the Marriage Project. Those features include:

1. Ability to update existing items in system

2. Ability to create new items to insert into system

Related Documents

[List of related documents such as: Functional Specifications, Design Specifications]

Requirements Specification:

Project files:

Schedule and Milestones

Test editing questions and review output code 5/4

Test adding and review output code questions 5/7

Test and make final changes to layout 5/7

2. Resource Requirements


A desktop or laptop computer


Firefox 4 and up.

Test Tools
Apart from manual tests, the following tools will be used:

- Create a function to compare two XML trees to make sure they are the same.


Josh Tennefoss - Feature validation

Greg Kindle - Feature validation

Mary Willette - Layout


Form is intended to be simple enough to use without formal training.

3. Features To Be Tested / Test Approach

  • Viewing XML items
    • Manual test: View an XML item and verify that the content displayed is the same content as the original XML.
  • Update Exising items
    • Manual tests involving updating items from multiple sheets and adding new elements to the items that didn't already exist such as adding new statements.
    • Use javascript to verify correct output of XML by comparing re-generated (produced from the form when no changes have been made to content) XML to original XML that is pulled into the form.
  • Adding new item
    • Create new items for sexual harrassment system
Media Verification

4. Features Not To Be Tested

Internet Explorer use or web browsers other than Firefox.

5. Test Deliverables

Use form to create XML for sexual harrassment system

Documentation of Testing.

6. Dependencies/Risks


  • We are depending on the basic layout of the sheets to be the same. New attributes can be added easily but the overall structure cannot be changed significantly.
  1. Being unable to find a way to generate XML with ref tags built in to the statements
  2. Form is too complicated for non-CS majors to use
  3. Validation of user input is insufficient/nonexistent - mistakes in xml cause problems
  4. Form is not flexible enough to account for new/unimplemented tags
  5. Spending too much time on particular implementation issues
  6. Team members getting sick and are unable to contribute as much to project.
  7. Not producing a solution that fits the requirements.
  8. Lab reserved by non-CS classes so unable to use lab computers to work on project.
7. Milestone Criteria
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