Meeting notes from 2-14-2012

Present: Tyler Nelson, Mark Wasil, Josh Wetzel & Jim Lahm

Start Time: 3:30pm

Ending Time: 4:10pm

This meeting was held to get a better understanding on what we will be working on and answer the questions below.

Thoughts and Questions:

  • Is there already a way to take attendance on Moodle?
    • Yes there is already a built in attendance policy although it does seem to have its flaws.
  • If there is, how could we edit it?
    • We could edit it by looking at the php and SQL coding for it and adapting it to better fit what we need.
  • If not, should we design a database to store attendance information?
    • There is so for now this is not the option we are going to go with.
  • Can we make an application to use on both Android and Apple phones, or should we only focus on Android?
    • This is something we need to focus on after we get the basics down.
  • Should we create a web page with the same features for professors who do not have smart phones?
    • This should be the first way we go and then adapt it to smart phones.
  • Does this application need any features other than just recording attendance?
    • We will sort this out once we know what the government requires of our institution
  • How is Moodle designed in the first place?
    • It is designing using PHP and SQL for the most part and you can add plug-ins to it.
  • Does Moodle use PHP and SQL?
    • Yes as discussed before this is the language it uses.
  • How can we test our product?
    • We are going to have to set up our own moodle site on a server in order to test this
  • Should the Moodle have features to print reports?
    • Moodle does have capabilities to print reports on attendance already so yes it should.
Things for next meeting

Tyler: Set up a meeting with Financial Aid to discover what needs to be reported to goverment.

Mark: Search through the forums to see what we have to work with out there already.

Josh: Search through third party applications that we might be able to use to take attendance.

Meeting Over.

- TylerNelson - 2012-02-15

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