1. Introduction

Description of this Document
This document is a Test Plan for the Moodle Attendance Team. IT describes the strategy that we will take and approach that will need to be taken in order to test the software before the completion date.

The focus of the Moodle Attendance module is to support new features that will allow easier development, deployment and maintenance of the current attendance module in place. Those features include:

  1. Usablilty
  2. Taking attendance of a class
  3. Getting a report of those records
  4. Modifying these records
This release of the Moodle Attendance Module will also include the difference changes that are needed to make the output default to the American standard

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Schedule and Milestones

Test Assigned Task Team Member(s) Hours Alloc % Done Finish Goal Date Done Current Status/Outcome
Get Moodle where we want it finish documentation Mark Wasil 2 80% 2012-05-02    
Present at least 3 teachers with the moodle module to test Set up the moodle for them to test on Josh Wetzel 5 80% 2012-05-03    
Formulate Questionaire for teachers to fill out Design feedback questionaire Tyler Nelson 4 100% 2012-05-01 2012-05-01  
Get feedback Adjust accordingly All Team   0% 2012-05-05    

2. Resource Requirements


We need 3 computers, all of which must be connected to the .3. network.

A mobile device that is connected to the CSresearch wifi


We need several different operating systems. Windows 7, Mac OS X, Ubuntu.

The computer must have excel or open office on it so you can preview the output of the report

Test Tools


  • Would you use this system in its current state?
  • What features should be added?
  • What features should be removed?
  • Is this system easy to use?
  • Would you use this system on a moblie phone?
  • Did you find this easier or harder than your other means of taking attendance?
3. Features To Be Tested / Test Approach
  1. User Usability
    1. The system is easy to log in to.
    2. Navigation to attendance module is user friendly.
    3. Attedance Taking easy to use
    4. Reporting and attendance changes are easy to run.
  2. Attedance Tracking
    1. All functions that Facuilty could want
    2. Stablility of records
    3. remarks easily viewable
  3. Reporting Attendance
    1. Reports correct attendance
    2. Reports the output in a format that is usable for Financial aid.
4. Features Not To Be Tested
    1. Mobile device (if not completed)
5. Test Deliverables
  1. Test results with be formualted from Questionaire
  2. We will take the results and apply necessary changes
  3. We will then give it back to the professors and see if the changes have made it better!
6. Dependancies/Risks
    1. Not user friendly
    2. Reporting isn't what financial aid wants
    3. Faculty can use but don't understand the module.
    4. Server Being up and running
    5. Faculty has basic understanding of Moodle

Tests to run

    1. Manual test by faculty of login, navigation, taking attedance, viewing reports, editing attendance from previous date, exporting to excelt.
    2. Test by us on mobile device to include, taking and viewing attendance.

Test identification

For each of the requirement, classify each by type (some may be in more than one class)

Requirements Test to run
Staff Login 1, 2
Attendance Setup 1
Taking Attendance 1, 2
Viewing Report of Attendance 1,2
Exporting Attendance to Excel 1
Mobile Usability 2

-- TylerNelson - 2012-04-24

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