Lab 8 - Dragging and pushing objects


The goal here is to create agame using dragging, pushing, and score keeping. Features will depend on student CS level. An example game would be a "sorter" game, where you start with a mix of Blue and Green objects, and a Blue and Green box. There is also a Yellow "pusher" object. The point is to sort the objects into the appropriate box by pushing them around. The user is notified once the task is done. Enhancements could include a timer, multiple levels, multiple players, using more complex objects than circles (including the use of images).


Several examples are available on the website. Use those as a starting point. Create a "game" that involves moving images or shapes by dragging AND pushing. Keep score. Tell the user when they win.

Requirements (100 needed)

The classes are the ones completed

Features CS I Data
Simple game with Dragging, pushing, scoring 50 30
User determines number of games pieces 20 15
Have a "reset" button 15 12
Games involves multible users 15 12
Active feedback of status during game 15 12
Game has "levels" 15 12
Keep track of high scores, with initials 15 12
Use of complex objects or images. 15 12
Have some type of cool winner animation 15 12
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